Wholesale Pretty Houses By Lou Castillo Review

Wholesale Pretty Houses


Wholesale Pretty Houses (WPH) is an on-line prepping course to prepare would-be wholesalers on the best ways to exploit the unlimited number of properties with little or no cash out of their pockets. Some of these sellers are unable to sell their property without bringing cash to the table. The homes are obtained subject to the home loan and sold to proprietor/inhabitants who have respectable credit, however not adequate for a conventional bank loan. The course comes complete with Action Steps; Forms; Marketing Materials; Vendor List; and Negotiating Scripts.


This program has Three modules:

Module 1: Finding Pretty House Deals.

Module 2: Getting The Financing

Module 3: Flipping Deals For Big Dollars

In Module 1 you learn how to setup your house flipping business the right way. You also learn how to profit from multiple  proven deal finding strategies as well as how to get a yes everytime you negotiate a deal.

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Customer Testimonials

“Lou – Thank you so much for the Wholesale Pretty Houses strategy. Using your system I just made $40,000 in profit and I’m getting paid not once, but TWICE from the same deal! The house is worth $250,000 conservatively and I got it for $200,000 because the owner had it on the market for a year at $299,000 and had no offers and was tired of paying on a vacant house! Sold it just like you taught me under the Wholesale Pretty Houses plan for $240,000 with $15,000 down and a 2nd mortgage of $25,000 with monthly payments and a balloon payment in 7 years!”  
– Charles Berault, Louisiana
“I was studying real estate investing for 5 years, before I met you. Within 24 days of implementing your system I closed my very first deal and made $9,144.12! Thanks!” 
– Matthew Yates, CA

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