Before Buy a Virtual Wholesaling Real Estate Course Read This!

Chris Chico's Virtual Wholesaling




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Course Content:


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  • Tons and Tons of Content.
  • Content was easy to understand
  • Guru support is beyond exceptional.
  • Material was presented in a manner that engaged the listener.
  • Realistic expectations of success were presented. Very non hype content once you sign up.


  • Some video's were too long were viewer would get lost in content.
  • Price is expensive compared to other 1 on 1 courses

Chris Chico's Virtual Wholesaling


Before Buy a Virtual Wholesaling Real Estate Course Read This!

I’ve noticed lately that a lot of wholesaling Guru’s have come out lately with a variety of courses. I’ve read the threads, e-mails, websites and blogs and I frankly was not impressed by what these Guru’s offered. Alot of newbie wholesalers have been taken advantage of in these programs. The problem isn’t that there not enough information, the problem is there’s not enough good information! If you follow this blog you know that I’ve taken many courses. Some have been well worth my investment, others have not.

So what course does the great True Guru recommend…?

Chris Chico’s Virtual Wholesaling Course

Why do I recommended it over all the other courses?

I recommend this course over all the other wholesaling courses mainly because of the amount of depth it has. I really liked the fact that Chris Chico gives you step by step instructions on what you actually need when you first start out which is a system. Most wholesalers fail simply because they don’t have a system.

So… What do you get in the course?

  • Virtual Wholesaling The Virtual Wholesaling Course
  • Chris Chico’s Virtual Wholesaling system features 6 training modules that shows you how in a 2 year period he mailed over 500,000 postcards that brought in 116 wholesale deals for a total profit of $1,452,108 Million Dollars.
  • Wholesale locally or across the country from the comfort of your home.
  • Actual marketing pieces that made Cris $1,452,108 Million Dollars.
  • You never deal with rehabs, tenants or chase foreclosures.
  • You never risk any of your own money.
  • You never physically inspect a property.
  • You never meet any buyer or seller face to face.

Format: Step by step video tutorials, audio present, a Forum where you can talk to Chris Chico directly and ask any question you want.

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  • <cite class="fn">Brad Terry</cite>

    virtual wholesaling is very real and it works.. its simple steps. but not EASY!!!!! it takes super persistence and work. and im sorry but if you dont know how to calculate costs on repairs your not going to make any money. This course works and will teach you how to calculate cost and market to motivated sellers. Like anything you have to follow the videos and go out and actually DO IT!!

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