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Deeds from the Dead is a course by Preston Ely where he shows you how to exploit the untapped niche of probate contributing.

Probate contributing is a system of discovering leads and land bargains from individuals who have acquired UN-needed property. I have by and by been through Preston Ely’s deeds from the dead course and from my own particular experience I realize that its one of the absolute best probate contributing course available today. Probate investing is one of my top hot-spots for great real estate deals. I surmise that each land financial specialist needs to begin following probate leads.

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Preston Ely is a real estate investor specialist in Tampa Florida who made over $500,000 his first year wholesaling houses by taking advantage on the untapped niche of probate investing.

Here is what you will get from the Deeds from the Dead

  1. The REAL secret to making millions in real estate. Think it has anything to do with houses, marketing, buying, selling, or the “real estate market” in general? Think again.
  2. The Curve Crusher. How to cut your “learning curve” in real estate down to almost NOTHING and start generating massive loads of cash IMMEDIATELY! A mentor (like ME) is the key to this shortcut to wealth & success.
  3. TRULY “No Money Down” Secrets. How to do all your deals without putting down ANY escrow deposits! Perfect for the broke newbie!
  4. The Obituary No-No. Why using obituaries like everyone else does is the WORST thing you could do when investing in probates. What to do instead (that’s 15x easier!)
  5. My “Work Smart” Formula. How to work smart & not hard in real estate. Drag your butt all over town, look at houses, & deal with weirdo sellers if you want to … I don’t!
  6. The Magic, Irresistible Probate Letter. Get your grubby little hands on my NEW & IMPROVED PRIVATE LETTER that my top students and I currently send out to beneficiaries! If someone gets 20 letters in the mail about their inherited property, they will call YOU just because of this letter!!!
  7. The Sensitivity Schedule. How long should you wait to send out a letter after the death of the decedent so you don’t piss anybody off? I’ll give you my exact schedule.
  8. The 10% Trick. The secret to getting a true 10% response rate from mailers!!! That’s 1 in every 10 people responding with a discounted house to sell. I can’t even believe I’m telling you this one.
  9. Steal My Secret Probate Tracking Sheet. Use it for yourself to keep tabs on all the probate cases in your farm area. It’s all yours.
  10. The #1 Mistake most new probate investors (those who attempt to do it on their own) fail. I’ve made this mistake so you don’t have to! Hint: Mail less and DOUBLE your response rate.
  11. The Attorney Attention-Grabber. How to cultivate & develop an army of probate attorneys who will constantly fill up your pipeline with the best leads possible — FREE and WARM! Just ONE of my attorney friends accounts for at LEAST $20,000 a year in income for me!
  12. Courting the Courthouse. When should you go down to the courthouse to get the information? It makes a difference! Maybe you don’t have to go to the courthouse at ALL, depending on where you live! You won’t know unless I tell you, that’s for sure.
  13. The “BIG 4″ Courthouse Conundrums. I spent a YEAR doing things the wrong way at the courthouse, and — as a result — only made half as much money as I could have. I’m going to make sure you don’t repeat these same 4 mistakes that I guarantee every other investor in your area is making. Talk about an unfair advantage!
  14. The “Hands-Free” Method. Learn how to get someone else to handle the entire marketing process FOR you so you don’t have to work. This will free up your time to do what is important — DOING DEALS & BRINGING THE CASH IN!
  15. The Digits Make the Difference. What will give you the absolute MOST calls on your marketing… an 800# or a regular local #? You’re about to find out. The difference is remarkable.
  16. The Beneficiary Blacklist. Which probate files to never EVER send letters to. Ignore this priceless tip, and you’ll be throwing away tons of money in marketing.
  17. “Stupid Simple” Mailer Secrets. Do hand-written envelopes out-perform computer printed envelopes? I’ve tested this & you’ll be surprised at the cold hard facts.
  18. Addressing Faux Pas. Specific, detailed, step-by-step instructions on exactly how to do the mailers to the estate & the beneficiaries. Tip: DO NOT address the letter directly to the beneficiaries.
  19. The Hypnotic 60-Second Attorney Pitch. How to grab every probate attorney that you deal with by the throat & irresistibly force him onto your team! The more probate attorneys referring you deals, the richer you’ll be.
  20. The 9x Advantage Script. Detailed instructions on hunting down the executor’s phone # and exactly what to say to them on the phone. Gain a 9x advantage over your competitors!
  21. Reject the Objection. How to quickly & easily shoot down the 3 most common seller objections in the negotiation process, allowing you to close a deal that a less-educated investor would be forced to drop.
  22. 24 Hours to “Expert” Status. How to posture yourself as the “Probate Expert” in your area and activate the Law of Authority in your social interactions with sellers.
  23. Dealing with Executors. When is the executor authorized to contract on a property? When are they authorized to actually CLOSE on it? You’d better know or you’re shooting in the dark, you’ll look like an idiot, and you’ll probably lose the deal.
  24. The “Who To”. Should you deal with beneficiaries directly? Or strictly with the executor? There’s a right & a wrong answer. My job is to keep you from wasting your time & get you on the absolute fastest route to pay day.
  25. “The Boomerang Method.” The secret to getting an immediate response to all your offers. Activate the Law of Morality in your sellers to get them to keep their word!
  26. Beneficiary B.S. How to instantly discern when a seller is offering legitimate reasons for not being able to sell & when he is just BLOWING HOT AIR. You need to know the details of the probate process, and I’ll give them to you.
  27. The Wealth Warrior Test. How to become the sort of person who is even WORTHY of wealth in the first place. Ignore this, and you’re wasting your time with everything else. Money comes to WINNERS, not weak-minded losers.
  28. Straight to the Top. How to become the top probate investor in your area without ever setting foot inside the courthouse like all the other suckers.
  29. The 4-Hour Probate Workweek. How to automate & delegate the entire probate process so you’re truly doing next to nothing.

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